Annabel FirmanWith a background as an holistic therapist, the power of fragrance has always been important to me and my home is always filled with candles. It therefore seemed like the perfect avenue for me to take after I had my 3 children and was looking for a hobby that I could fit around my growing brood.

I embarked upon a course in Soy Wax candle making as I had read about the benefits of Soy Wax and was fed up with candles that didn’t burn empty and left black marks up the walls!  Before long my mum and sister had converted from their mass produced candles to my homemade offerings and were giving them as gifts to friends. They persuaded me to try a local craft market and By Candlelight was conceived.  I have loved going back to my aromatherapy roots, developing an extensive, affordable fragrance range as I believe every home should be filled with mood–fitting fragrance.

Time has flown and I can hardly believe that what started as a hobby has developed into a business.  I have many loyal customers locally that I still deliver to, as well as customers from further afield who enjoy receiving their By Candlelight goodies through the post.  My kitchen is coping well with the increased workload and I am still proud of each and every candle that leaves it.

I look forward to making a candle for you!