By Candlelight make a range of Natural Soy Wax Candles with unbleached cotton wicks and premium fragrances.  Each and every candle is made by hand from the home of Annabel Firman in Naphill, Buckinghamshire.  If you are a candle lover wanting to fill your home with beautiful fragrance or are looking for a gift, By Candlelight has a candle for you.

Visit the ‘Contact’ page to order frosted glass single or multi-wick candles and tealights and see the ‘Latest News’ section for details of seasonal and limited edition products.

Packages are also available for retail and events.

Why Buy Soy?

Few people realise that the majority of mass produced, shop bought candles are made from paraffin wax which may be harmful to you and your home.  Paraffin wax is made from the leftover residue of the petroleum refining industry and can let off carcinogens and petrol soot into the air that we breathe.

By Candlelight use only 100% non-toxic soy wax and unbleached cotton wicks when creating candles, and this offers a number of unique features:

  • Sustainable, renewable and naturally biodegradable.
  • Cleaner burning – produces no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants, meaning it is less likely to trigger allergies.
  • No lead or zinc cored wicks – all our wicks are made of unbleached cotton producing far less soot and giving a cleaner room ambience.
  • Longer lasting – soy wax burns cooler and longer than paraffin wax. This results in an improved burn time (30-50% longer).
  • Water soluble – no need to worry about spillages.  It washes off surfaces with soapy water.

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